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We are a company focused on consulting, creating, implementing, and optimization of data technologies. 

Our team of industry experts and academia professors have created and brought cutting-edge data science, deep learning, natural language processing, AI & ML, and cyber security technologies services to our clients.

We build scientific tools and develop data-driven technology that help our customers achieve measurable results, reducing costs, increasing efficiencies, and improving decision making.

Our products and services enable our clients who plan to collect data or desire to leverage the data they already have to improve their bottomline. We have worked with private industry and public sector clients.

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Our Services


Our experts can help make sense of complex datasets that are difficult to analyze using traditional database techniques. We utilize data fusion, statistical data analysis, data cleanup and correction, and inferencing to bring heterogenous data to the service of the marketing and research teams within a company.

We have the capacity to develop large-scale data collection systems, analysis and reporting tools, and producing online and offline data consumption systems.

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Our cyber-security practice area brings cutting-edge and highest-grade security solutions to our clients all the way from IT infrastructure to the applications. Our expertise include risk assessment, data regulation compliance, and data privacy enhancement to meet the requirements of privacy laws in the US and Europe.

We have provided services / auditing to our clients in these areas;
HITRUST, SOC 1 & 2, PCI, HIPPA, Cloud & Application Security
GDPR & CCPA, NIST 800-53, ISO 27001, vCISO

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Vast amount of information in companies exist as unstructured text information such as emails, documents, chats, and video/audio transcripts. We provide our clients with solutions that help make sense of these text data and extract them in a structured form to further analyze and predict the parameters of interest to the business units.

We have worked from classical sentiment analysis and embedding design to transformers / large language models, and generative models. 

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Through our University professor collaborations we utilize the most up-to-date AI & ML models to build classification, identification, and prediction systems.

Our work ranges from feature engineering for multi-modal data, training models, to deploying the models in a production environment.

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We have extensive experience customizing the major state of the art deep learning architectures, designing model training strategies, and training them efficiently. Our systems work in deep learning also makes running the prediction pipeline efficient and cost-effective.

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SDD Leadership Team

Get to Know Us


Brandon Booth


Brandon Booth is an International Business Developer managing Technology startups. Specialising in Data Analytics & Science, UX Architecture, and Key Stakeholder Management. He to studied Business and Psychology at the University of Western Ontario. He excels in Finite Mathematics. He has been a brand creative director and producer throughout 28 countries in the Advertising & Publications Industry, including Saatchi & Saatchi & Conde Nast.


Omprakash Gnawali

Technical Advisor

Omprakash Gnawali is on the Computer Science faculty at the University of Houston. His research areas are data science, cyber security, and Internet technologies. He received his S.B. and M.Eng. from MIT, Ph.D. from USC, and was a postdoc at Stanford. Has been published continuously on a wide range of topics. (publications) 


Dainis Boumber


Dainis Boumber is a Computer Science Ph.D. from the University of Houston. His expertise is in deep learning, natural language processing, and multi-modal data analysis. He also has experience in operationalizing machine learning systems into the real world.

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FORTUNE 500 Firms

We have provided services to many Fortune 500 companies.

References available upon request.


We have worked with many tech startups helping them organize and manage their data systems and security in a cost effective manner. 

References available upon request.

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